Teaching Philosophy

Akiko has been on the faculty at the New Mozart School of Music in Palo Alto as well as the San Francisco Community Music Center, and now teaches at her home studio.

A professional orchestral violinist with conservatory training in chamber music and solo violin, Akiko brings a richly informed and varied approach to her teaching.

Akiko is certified in the Suzuki Violin Method as well as trained in Mimi Zweig’s String Pedagogy Method and the Sassmannshaus Method. She enjoys tailoring instruction to each student’s needs, and continues to learn about different methods and resources in order to provide the best for each student. 



Parents wanting their guide their curious young child to learn an instrument, middle school students needing help outside of the classroom, high school students getting prepared for college auditions, adult students re-connecting with their childhood musical experience, retirees wanting a new challenge - all students who have a desire and commitment to learn are welcome.

N.B. parental attendance at lessons and involvement in home practice is strongly encouraged for young students up to about 8 years of age.



Two recitals with an accompanist are held each year: one at the end of November or December, and the other in April or May. Recital fees apply. Performing in a warm, encouraging environment is a wonderful learning opportunity. Students are expected to participate. Potluck reception afterward! 

Flat monthly fees are charged through the school year based on the SFUSD calendar, and by individual lesson rates through the summer.

Monthly group lessons are available for an extra fee, depending on the number of students interested. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.